• Body Code offered
                  • Learning new modality - Quantum Touch :)
                  • Emotion Code Certification received
                  • Distance sessions available
                  • FAQ page finally has a few answers - what questions would YOU like to see answered here?
                  • Shamballa healing now offered!
                  • Attended a Shamballa 13D training
                  • Attended a Reiki & Crystals workshop in Sedona, AZ
                  • REIKI by the Lake now available in Superior too! See contact page.
                  • Hospice Volunteer training complete - will be offering Reiki to South Shore hospice

Why choose this?

REIKI by the Lake offers multiple modalities. A typical client gets a mix of the Body Code, Emotion Code, Reiki, Shamballa MDH, Reconnective Healing, and Quantum Touch. If there is a modality that might be more successful in dealing with that issue - the focus is on that first and if there is remaining time other modalities are used.


Not in the area? Distance sessions available via phone, skype or email.