Something New Being Offered – Metaphysical Hypnosis/Regression

SPECIAL OFFER $199 – valid through September 30, 2022!
Regular rate $299
This will be a 3-4 hour session which includes an interview, hypnosis and time for debrief. Training in Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT) will offer a full personalized, regression experience. After an extended interview the hypnosis session will include: past/future lives (typically up to 3 lives), connecting with your higher self to discuss what came up as lives and why, healing questions asked, healing done if allowed, questions about purpose and what to do if you’ve gotten off track, connecting with guides, getting messages from loved ones, answering questions you have about things that have happened in the past or questions about the future, and many more – there is much potential for healing and learning.

Contact directly to schedule or if you have questions. Typically the interview will be done in advance via zoom a day or two ahead of your session. or 218.940.7908

The frequencies of Reiki

I’m very excited to being teaching Reiki again in a few weeks. In order to help people decide if they should take this training I did a video sharing the different healing energies of reiki but also adding some additional frequencies for everyone also has their own healing frequencies.

Using Reiki as a healing tool requires trust and faith for this energy is divinely guided and does not always work on what is wanted but goes directly to what is needed. This has been my biggest challenge for I like to be in control of what our focus is during a healing session. I have learned to be open and what is meant to be will be what is received but I also like to push boundaries and combine other healing tools when doing a healing session.

I often say Reiki is a great foundational tool. For some learning Reiki is all they need but for others it is a gateway to “more”. I welcome all! The variations and potential for personalization is many.

This video has timestamps with the different types of healing energy starting with my own personal healing modality – the Healing Pulse. Try it all out. Do you feel the differences as the energies shift? Many do.

Here is what is included in the video:
0:00 Start
5:00 Welcome
10:20 Healing Pulse Energy
12:05 Usui Reiki Energy
23:29 Usui Holy Fire Reiki guided meditation
36:25 Usui Holy Fire Reiki Energy AND Pendulum Healing Energy
41:38 Usui Holy Fire Reiki Energy, Personal Healing Frequencies AND Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Energies
46:45 Discussion of the energies
48:45 Reiki 1 & 2 Training online

Pendulum Healing

I have been doing private, regular Reikishare sessions with a small group of my Reiki graduates and Reiki friends. I usually try to offer something a little different each month. Generally I have been changing the Holy Fire meditation to a different meditation but for April I am adding a mini-training in combining Reiki and a pendulum in healing.

I have created a short video about using a pendulum for healing since my Reiki friends attending the Reiki shares have only used their pendulums for divination not healing.